Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, Ohio

Economic Recovery in a Peri-COVID World

Health systems are coming back from severe financial peril during COVID but have learned hard lessons about their dependence on fee-for-service. Find out what...

University of Utah Health

Salt Lake City, UT

COVID VAX Survey Findings

On a February 5, 2021 meeting of Past Chairs of the American Hospital Association, Andy Slavitt, Senior Advisor to the White House COVID-19 Response...

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Innovation Changes the Way MSK’s Pathology Team Cares...

MSK’s Pathology Department has developed new digital technologies to keep its workers safe without having to compromise patient care — allowing some of its...

Northwestern Medicine – Long-Haulers Are Redefining COVID-19

Without understanding the lingering illness that some patients experience, we can’t understand the pandemic.

Advocate Aurora – The Check Up: Jim Skogsbergh of Advocate Aurora Health

Healthcare will not return to a pre-COVID way of doing business even after the pandemic is over. The question in front of all executives...

The Keckley Report – Three Themes Will Frame Post-Pandemic Employer Health Coverage

Regardless of who wins the White House and which party controls the House and Senate, the role of employer-sponsored health benefits is certain to...

Cedars-Sinai Unveils COVID-19 Machine Learning Forecasting Tool

Cedars-Sinai recently developed a machine learning platform to forecast staffing needs, local hospitalization volumes, and the rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

VIDEO | Providence – Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips on going back to school

Providence's chief clinical officer, Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, speaks with CNN's Chris Cuomo on students returning to college campuses as COVID-19 cases are rising. The...

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Wright Lassiter is 2022 AHA Board Chair

Wright L. Lassiter III, president and CEO of SI Member Henry Ford Health System and an SI Board Member, is this year’s Chairman of...

Baptist Health South Florida

Coral Gables, FL

SI 2021 CMIO/CNIO Summit Report

Sponsored by Hearst Health. Read how 21 professionals and guests from 16 prominent US healthcare organizations shared about their goals for more intuitive, efficient healthcare delivery in this new digital age in “Clinical Informatics: A Meeting of the Minds.”