Advocate Aurora, Froedtert, Ascension – Potential average cost of COVID-19 treatment with complications could...

If you get COVID-19 and you find yourself in the hospital, the last thing you need is to get a big medical bill for...

Ascension hospitals launch mobile labs, bring testing to patients

St. Louis-based Ascension is sending mobile COVID-19 testing labs to patients' homes in Texas, according to The Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

Ascension, Atrium, Common Spirit – The Doctor Will Zoom You Now

The pandemic lockdown is proof of concept for mass telemedicine.

Ascension – This is Why We Serve in Catholic Health Care

As the world and our nation come together to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic health care is at the point of care and...

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Wright Lassiter is 2022 AHA Board Chair

Wright L. Lassiter III, president and CEO of SI Member Henry Ford Health System and an SI Board Member, is this year’s Chairman of...

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Coral Gables, FL

SI 2021 CMIO/CNIO Summit Report

Sponsored by Hearst Health. Read how 21 professionals and guests from 16 prominent US healthcare organizations shared about their goals for more intuitive, efficient healthcare delivery in this new digital age in “Clinical Informatics: A Meeting of the Minds.”