Lurie Children’s – Babies’ Mysterious Resilience to Coronavirus Intrigues Scientists

COVID-19 is often mild in infants. Learning why could help scientists better understand the disease—and point the way toward possible treatments

Lurie Children’s – Before Deliberately Infecting People With Coronavirus, Be Sure It’s Worth It

Big questions about ‘challenge trials’ to test vaccines might be addressed while ethical and scientific preparation starts.

AUDIO | Lurie Children’s – Dr. Anne Rowley explains why some children with COVID-19...

Dr. Anne Rowley, pediatric infectious diseases at Lurie Children’s, joins Ji to explain what is Kawasaki disease and how it is related to COVID-19.

Lurie Children’s – Are Immune-Compromised Kids at Greater Risk From COVID-19?

One of the few bright spots in the COVID-19 pandemic has been the perception that children are mostly spared from its worst effects. But...

Lurie Children’s Hospital Loaning Out Ventilators For Adults With COVID-19

"Our ventilators are off to help save grown-ups," the hospital said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

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