VIDEO | Stanford Medicine dean on the resurgence of coronavirus cases

Dr. Lloyd Minor, dean of Stanford Medicine, joins "Squawk on the Street" after his conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the spread of...

Intermountain, Stanford Children’s CEOs say hospitals need to get comfortable being a ‘frenemy’

Health systems have had to adjust to a lot of change in a short amount of time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

VIDEO | Stanford – Trump: Testing may be overrated. Experts: Testing is critical.

Dr. Lloyd Minor, the Dean of Stanford School of Medicine joins to discuss the importance of coronavirus testing.

Stanford – Rapid System Transformation to More Than 75% Primary Care Video Visits within Three...

Stanford Primary Care scaled a nascent video visit program in two Express Care urgent care centers to cover more than 80% of clinic visits...

Scripps, Stanford working with Fitbit to assess wearables’ COVID-19 tracking abilities

The Scripps Research Translational Institute recently launched an app-based research program called DETECT that can analyze wearable health data – such as activity levels,...

Stanford – Coronavirus: How to tell if your misery was really COVID-19

Within two months, Stanford University antibody test available for public use.

Coronavirus Pandemic Spurs Stanford Researchers to Create Hospital Resource Calculator

Tools factor in local population, number of acute-care and ICU beds, and other parameters to project ventilator, staffing and other requirements down to the...

Armed with computers and iPads, Stanford doctors see patients while protecting themselves against COVID-19

Telemedicine is saving Stanford hospitals thousands of precious masks and gowns.

VIDEO | Stanford Health Care CEO David Entwistle on testing for coronavirus

David Entwistle, Stanford Health Care president and CEO, joins “Squawk on the Street” to discuss drive-through testing of coronavirus.

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