Chief Innovation, Transformation & Strategy Officers Outlook 2018

Our traditional January “SI Outlook” has asked CEOs, CIOs and other members of the C-suite a simple question: What are your top IT-enabled strategies for the coming year? This year we feature a mix of “new” titles – Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Strategy Officer—to best reflect the dynamic change healthcare is undergoing. With these cutting-edge executives, titles matter and don’t matter, depending on perspective. That’s why, instead of a single question, we asked five:

1. Why did you select the title and what do you mean by that term?
2. To whom do you  report?
3. Who reports to you?
4. What’s your relationship to the CIO (a traditional SI focus)?
5. What are your top strategies for 2018?

We were not disappointed. Whether you call it innovation, transformation or strategy, disruptive change is happening in healthcare. And SI member organizations are leading the way.