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SI offers separate CNIO and CMIO Affinity Groups for direct peer-to-peer sharing and problem-solving; additionally, after attending a few joint events, both groups requested a combination Clinical Informatics group be formed to better learn from each other. Coalescing input, strategies and lessons learned from both the doctor and nurse sides of informatics, the Clinical Informatics group welcomes the value of being in sync, innovating simultaneously and moving forward in step. This group may also include Chief Nursing Quality Officers, Chief Health Policy, Quality & Informatics Officers and others.

Dialogue Calls

These 1-hour, peer-led Zoom meetings are by invitation-only, with recaps distributed to all SI Members on the Dialogue Digest page. Contact us to guest-lead or host a Dialogue on a topic of interest. Some hosts share background materials to support discussion; just ask for samples.

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SI Affinity Groups are intimate forums focused on a common issue, topic or collective challenge of its members, with a goal of information sharing around similar concerns, best practices, lessons learned, industry trends and resources to help organizations thrive.

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    Becky Fox, MSN, RN-BC
    VP and CNIO, Atrium Health
    "It’s hard not to be inspired, hearing so many stories and examples of strong leaders, forging the way. I’m confident that although 2020 may have been known as the Year of the Nurse, it soon will become the beginning of the DECADE of the Nurse—and clinical informaticists will continue to lead the way. Thank you, Scottsdale Institute, for continuing to bring together programs with dynamic leaders, to share, inspire and challenge each other."

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