Employee Health Affinity Group

Creating a Culture of Wellness

The Employee Health (EH) Affinity Group welcomes the many executives who are accountable for improving healthcare for everyone. EH encompasses the broad range of strategies, activities and expertise required under value-based care, including new care and business models driven by risk-based contracting.

Via Dialogues and in-person and virtual Summits, the SI EH Affinity Group offers leaders a forum to innovate and share solutions that ensure healthcare solutions cross social, financial, work-based and geographical boundary lines. There is an SI EH Affinity Group MS Teams Site to facilitate ongoing, ad hoc, open discussion and collaboration among the EH peer group.


Dialogues – Invitation-only

These 1-hour, peer-led Zoom meetings are by invitation-only, with recaps distributed to affinity group members via MS Teams. To guest-lead/host a Dialogue on a topic of interest, contact Cynthia Schroers. Some hosts share background materials to support discussion; just ask for samples.

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Upcoming Summits – Invitation-Only

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Upcoming Roundtables – Invitation-Only

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Previous Teleconference and Webinar Recordings – Available to all Members


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About Affinity Groups

SI Affinity Groups are intimate forums focused on a common issue, topic or collective challenge of its members, with a goal of information sharing around similar concerns, best practices, lessons learned, industry trends and resources to help organizations thrive.

What People Are Saying
I liked the variety of speakers, candid conversations and real applications. There’s a camaraderie and ability to connect with peers, and seeing how other peer- and aspirational health systems function is valuable.

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Guest-Lead/Host a Dialogue

To guest-lead/host one of our Dialogues, please contact Affinity Group Director Cynthia Schroers to share topics for discussion.

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