Leverage Your SI Membership


  • Forward upcoming teleconference email notifications as well as links to archived presentation/audio files to team members
  • Use upcoming or archived teleconferences as staff/team meetings
  • Send meeting notices to team members to participate in teleconferences
  • Use formal communication channels that already exist: internal newsletters, resource postings, or having a standing agenda item regarding education resources at staff meetings

Professional Development

  • Present and/or encourage your associates to share your successes as a means of professional development and an opportunity to network with peers
  • Tell us what you’d like to hear about in upcoming teleconferences by suggesting topics/speakers
  • Make an “introduction to resources” part of your associate onboarding process; have new associates create their profiles when completing other first-day tasks

Health IT Benchmarking

Conferences, Summits and Dialogues

  • These invitation-only events foster interaction among executive peers and other industry leaders with informal and open dialogue for collaboration for C-Suite executives, e.g., CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CMIOs, CISOs, CNIOs, Data/Analytics Officers, etc. For more information see our Conferences and Summits pages
  • Let us know whom within your organization should receive these executive level event participation invitations

Promote Participation Within Your Organization

Scottsdale Institute provides in-depth education across a variety of IT related topic areas, and your membership allows unlimited access for an unlimited number of users. The number of associates who use SI resources varies across SI Member organizations. Here are some reasons why, and some things you can do to boost the activity and optimize the value your organization receives from its membership:


  • A commitment from management about taking advantage of educational opportunities makes a noticeable difference; some of our members incorporate SI teleconference participation in their associate performance goal-setting process


  • Assign someone with broad knowledge of the organization and people’s needs, to be accountable for a short period of time for inviting people to participate in a Teleconference. This involves reviewing one email per day and forwarding it to the appropriate associates with a reminder to create their password and/or register
  • Please fill out the contact form on this page for more information about becoming an SI Ambassador and what that role entails.  Please note that an Ambassador’s role interacting directly with SI takes very little time – there is only one thirty-minute, one-on-one, phone call per quarter. We have found that organizations with Ambassadors enjoy a high level of participation across SI programs and express greater satisfaction with their membership.


  • Links to archived audio files and presentations can be forwarded to the team members who would most benefit, or posted for easy access


  • Long-time members are typically the most engaged with many associates participating. This may suggest that word spreads through natural networks around your organization in addition to formal communication channels
Marcee Chmait
Marcee Chmait
Head of Partnerships—Digital Strategy & Innovation, Providence
"I like the Scottsdale Institute because the industry is finally really looking towards meeting the consumer needs today and really rebuilding and retooling our health systems for tomorrow."

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