Leading CEO’s 2020 Vision for Healthcare


Omnicell, a leader in medication management and patient safety solutions, engaged C-Suite Resources of Minneapolis to conduct a series of interviews of healthcare senior executives to gather insights that would be useful to Omnicell to support its strategic planning. The project included:

  • Nineteen in-depth, one hour interviews of healthcare delivery organizations(free-standing hospitals, academic medical centers and integrated systems).
  • Executives (CEOs, COOs and Chief Strategy Officers) from organizations known to be strategic, innovative and proactive in today’s changing environment.
  • Viewpoints on major trends and issues including: new payment models, industry consolidation, population health, characteristics of winning provider organizations and suppliers, and technologies for the future.

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Clinical Studies


Clinical projects are important to help customers understand the value of Ommnicell solutions. This past year the IMPROVE clinical study, a large single-center retrospective comparison study, was completed by Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC). It focused on the impact of a new automated dispensing system on medication distribution and administration. The study demonstrated that Omnicell systems can significantly increase nursing workflow efficiency, as evidenced by shorter time to administration for first doses and scheduled doses of antibiotics on three large patient care units: medical-surgical, orthopedic, and oncology.

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Lean Thinking in the Pharmacy and the Role of Omnicell Technology


Lean thinking has been shown to save time, reduce errors, decrease costs, and improve patient satisfaction in health care settings. Lean Thinking in the Pharmacy and the Role of Omnicell Technology reviews lean concepts and explores how pharmacy automation complements lean thinking and supports the lean pharmacy.