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Malware Lessons Shared
Seven Key Questions for Health Leaders to Ask About Cyber Preparedness

Clinical documentation: 40 books a year and counting
Doctors need tools that ease the staggering burden of clinical documentation - estimated at 16,000 pages per year - and free them to focus their energy on patients.

How Clinical Documentation Improvement Prepares You for a Value-Based World
As the transition to value-based-payment continues, CDI will be absolutely vital to hospitals seeking appropriate reimbursement based on the quality of care they provide and types of patients they treat.

Doctors on the move need technology that keeps up
How next-generation workflows allow physicians to spend less time on documentation and more time with patients.

Doctors on the move need technology that keeps up

HCA Continental Grows Referral Network by Double-digits
HCA Continental Division's search for a solution that could help its hospitals eliminate excessive CD uploads resulted in growing their referral network by double-digits.

Clinical Guidance: Direct-to-radiologist delivery
With cloud technologies bringing collective knowledge to the point of interpretation, radiologists can standardize diagnoses by consistently applying clinical criteria.

How voice recognition empowers physicians
Easing the physician's clinical documentation burden through speech recognition empowers them to enhance the patient experience, deliver better care, and have better work-life balance.

Why doctors on the move need HIT to keep up
A physician reflects on the need for technology solutions that help providers satisfy documentation requirements while still delivering exemplary care to every patient.