Larry Lidz

Larry Lidz is the CISO for Cisco’s CX Cloud. Over the past year and a half, he has built a team that covers all aspects of cloud security, from DevSecOps to compliance, while pioneering new approaches like automation and one of Cisco’s few bug bounty programs. The organization he leads protects and secures the front door to customers, one that is becoming increasingly critical to how Cisco delivers its as-a-service offerings.

Larry brings over 25 years of experience in Information Security, with practical experience communicating complex security issues to a wide variety of business, customer, C-suite, and Board audiences. He leads with the belief that security is a cornerstone of good business, not adjacent to it, and is a champion for hiring diverse talent to combat the growing cybersecurity threats facing today’s world.

Prior to joining Cisco, Larry served as the SVP & Global CISO for CNA Insurance, where he globalized and improved the security function, including implementing an effective security and IT assurance program, driving an exercise-based business resiliency program, innovating a multi-vendor SOC solution and regularly briefing the Board. He holds a BS from the University of Chicago and an MS from Northwestern University.

Bio posted May 2022