Photo of Brent Steineckert, MD

Brent Steineckert, MD

Brent Steineckert has been part of Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers since 1998 and  currently serves as the director for the Ambulatory Electronic Health Record, Patient Access, & Health Information Management Departments. SRS includes more than 500 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants representing 27 medical specialties at 17 medical centers throughout San Diego County. The medical group provides comprehensive medical care to 225,000 patients, including 19,000 Senior HMO patients.

Brent received his undergraduate degree in Molecular Cell Biology at the University at California, Berkeley and his graduate degree in Public Health at San Diego State University. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and has been trained as a California Awards for Performance Excellence (CAPE) examiner. In the years working at SRS, Brent has been involved most prominently in the integration of technology into medical operations. In 2003, he wrote several software programs to help physicians, including one that allowed physicians to submit their hospital billing on-line, increasing efficiency and revenue for the practice. He also wrote a physician scheduling application, which enabled physicians to share their vacation and on-call schedules across the enterprise.

In 2005, SRS began a major project with Allscripts to install and integrate an ambulatory electronic health record (EHR). Since then, Brent has been actively involved in the development and deployment of technological solutions at SRS, and works closely with physicians to incorporate patient-centric workflows into the electronic paradigm. The implementation of information technology solutions at SRS has resulted in millions of dollars in saved costs, improved revenue, and enhanced patient care. Most recently, Brent is working on a project to expand telemedicine visits with the patient’s own physician using technology that would enable the patient to conduct the visit from the convenience of their home or anywhere they have internet access.

Posted October 2019

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