Carolyn Witte

Carolyn Witte, CEO and Co-Founder of Tia, views it as her mission in life to fight healthcare inequalities women face. After experiencing her own set of health struggles and seeing how the healthcare system is not built for women, Carolyn started Tia to reimagine women’s healthcare from the ground up. Together with her co-founder Felicity Yost, Carolyn built Tia, the modern medical home for women. The company is trailblazing a new paradigm for women’s healthcare, treating women holistically as opposed to by body part or life stage. Tia’s “Whole Woman, Whole Life” care model fuses gynecology, primary care, mental health and evidence-based wellness services to treat women comprehensively. Since launching in 2017, Tia has grown to serve thousands of women aged 18-80 with blended in-person and virtual care in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix and soon San Francisco. By making women’s health higher quality and lower cost, Tia makes women healthier, providers happier, and the business of care delivery stronger — setting a new standard of care for women everywhere.

Carolyn has received many high-profile awards, including Forbes 30 under 30, Inc. Female Founder 100 and Business Insider’s Healthcare 30 under 40. Tia recently raised a $100 million Series B round, representing one of the largest investments ever for a healthcare company focused on women.

Bio posted October 2021

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