Chad Spiers, Director of Info Security, Deputy CISO at Sentara Healthcare

Chad Spiers

Chad Spiers is Director of Information Security and deputy CISO at Sentara Healthcare, the largest health system in Virginia. Chad has been at Sentara since May 2002. He has held numerous roles at Sentara including Director of Voice and data systems before moving over into Information Security. Chad has been an organizational leader in cybersecurity and technology for healthcare and banking 28 years.

Chad’s professional and academic interests include identity and device based network segmentation, security compliance, machine learning, and software defined networking.

Chad works actively with Old Dominion University and other universities in Virginia supporting several programs developing the cybersecurity workforce of the future. His cyber security team at Sentara is employing over 12 university students as continuous part-time staff. These students perform crucial security assurance and risk management roles for Sentara, while building strong skills and referable experience for themselves.


Updated March 2019