Elizabeth Sprouse

Elizabeth Sprouse, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health MPH Student (graduation December 2017). Elizabeth is a skilled informatics professional with in-depth experience in program development and management, communications and training.

Throughout her 17-year career, she has held key positions with organizations such as Emory Healthcare (director of Clinical Informatics); CDM, a global environmental engineering firm; and Cox Publishing, a custom-publishing division of Cox Enterprises. Prior to launching her informatic consulting firm – Double Lantern Informatics, her most recent work at Emory Healthcare included:

  • Led the implementation of a provider technology training program to increase provider joy in practice and delivery of quality care. This program was designed for more than 6,400 providers.
  • Managed the use of data related to providers’ experience with the electronic medical record (EMR) (e.g., time per patient, adoption of electronic tools) and oversaw ongoing use of the data to improve providers’ experience through targeted coaching. On average, coached providers save three minutes of time per patient within the electronic medical record.
  • Oversaw Emory Healthcare’s patient portal technology, which supports more than 275,000 enrollees (an estimated 40 percent of the patients Emory Healthcare sees monthly).

This fall, Elizabeth will complete her MPH in Applied Public Health Informatics from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health – an educational journey that furthered her ability to meet her career goal of using informatics to advance the delivery of equitable healthcare, improve lives, and support our local and global public health objectives.