Janica Hardin

Janica Hardin, MPH is Director of Business Intelligence at Saint Alphonsus Health System, a Trinity Health faith-based and mission oriented health system in Idaho and Oregon. Janica has 20 years of professional research and business intelligence experience and 10 years of experience as a healthcare business intelligence thought leader. Prior to joining Saint Alphonsus, Janica was a research consultant for the University of Idaho and an independent consultant working with public and private agencies. She has served in various roles at local, state and national levels, including consulting for start-up company’s, implementation of large-scale grants and program evaluation, and planning and roll-out of enterprise-wide healthcare technology. Her most recent role was the Co-Chair of the Health Information Technology and Data Governance Workgroup for the Idaho State Healthcare Innovation Plan, a four (4) year, $40 million CMMI grant that concluded in January 2019. Janica’s areas of expertise include business intelligence, healthcare information technology, innovation, people development, population health, and unlocking data as a business asset.

Bio added September 2020