Jeanette Flom

SVP Central, Client Engagement, AVIA

Jeanette is a strategic convener and leader who is passionate about understanding an organization’s needs and creating strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  At AVIA, Jeanette leads the Central Region health systems in their journey to leverage digital health tools that deliver results.

Prior to AVIA, she served as East Division Vice President – Development & Stewardship at the American Diabetes Association, with more than a decade bringing like-minded c-suite executives and their organizations together to do good business. Previously she held leadership positions at the American Heart Association.

Jeanette holds a B.S. degree in Business Computer Information Systems from St Cloud State University and served a five-year sentence as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst.  Jeanette is an active member of the Chicago Executives Club and Director of the club’s Leadership Advisory Board.

Jeanette joined AVIA to further her mission to provide technology solutions to improve the healthcare community. She is passionate about making an impact and being part of a fast paced, visionary and brilliant team.

Posted June 2020

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