Joan Kelly, EdD, MS Ed, MBA

Joan brings more than 15 years of dedicated expertise in consumer experience for the health and wellness space, most recently from Yale New Haven Health System serving as Chief Experience Officer. She is known for driving innovation and engagement across large, multi-faceted organizations, and bringing great consumer experience ideas to fruition through the alignment of ideas, people and processes. Joan’s passion is to transform the healthcare experience for both staff and patients.

While at Yale New Haven Health, her portfolio of patient-centered care work included building the Care Signature strategy and during Covid-19 led the implementation of a new screening process and team, using new digital tools to optimize safety. Prior to Yale New Haven Health, Joan served as Chief Patient Experience Officer at NYU Langone Health where she was the architect of the “Perfect Experience. Every Patient. Every Time.” model designed to drive the institution not only through operational changes, but also toward the highest level of “patient-centeredness,” focusing on behavior changes that impact patient experience and satisfaction.

Additional examples of Joan’s innovation and impact to improve Experience include:

  • Started a Patient Experience Academy, launching Patient Experience 101 to over 18,000 staff, to build a patient-centered culture.
  • Developed multi-year Insights, Well-being & Consumer Experience Strategies & Processes at Humana, Inc., training 4,000 leaders at conferences, and rolling out to 40,000 associates through various communication tools, increasing engagement by 12%.
  • Created and implemented a navigation program for a healthcare system, increasing patient engagement by 42%.

    She has also advanced innovation across a variety of multi-national organizations, including the Dana Farber Cancer Center, Harvard University, NASA, the Department of Defense, and the Walt Disney Company.

    Joan has served as a keynote and panel speaker on patient engagement and experience topics for organizations and conferences around the world. She looks forward to defending her recently completed doctoral dissertation, entitled “The Covid Hospitalized Patient Experience.”

Bio posted August 2022