Pete Stetson, MD, MA

Pete Stetson, MD, MA, FAMIA

Pete is the Chief Health Informatics Officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Deputy Physician-in-Chief. As part of the core leadership of DigITs (Digital Informatics & Technology Solutions), Dr. Stetson oversees the Digital Products & Informatics Division (DP&I). He leads Digital Product Management, Design Thinking, Intelligent Optimization, Applied Clinical lnformatics Research, and Informatics Operations. Since 2019, he has overseen the deployment of Scaled Agile Framework across his teams and is responsible for design, translation and execution of MSK’s digital initiatives and business delivery.

His group’s overall goal is to be leaders in the development and implementation of new digital Informatics solutions that impact quality cancer care and cancer research. His teams lead the efforts to optimize clinical systems, set clinical systems strategy, and ensure quality and financial goals are met using innovative digital and Informatics solutions. His teams are responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating next-generation digital solutions for cognitive support, team-based care, precision oncology, comparative analytics, business insights, business and robotic process automation, and patient engagement.

MSK defines Health Informatics as the study and application of people, processes and technology to improve healthcare value, where value is a function of quality, cost, and efficiency. Dr. Stetson’s teams have led the development of a digital ecosystem for MSK’s new buildings and strategic partnerships at MSK, including the Josie Robertson Surgery Center, and the David H. Koch Cancer. Pete also continues to work as a Hospitalist, an Informatics researcher, and teaches and mentors in Informatics.

Bio updated August 2021

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