Philip Held, PhD

Philip Held, PhD, is transforming mental health care  by making treatments faster and more effective, especially as it relates to PTSD and other trauma-related disorders like substance use and mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Held is a licensed clinical psychologist and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Held is also the Research Director of the Road Home Program: Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush and the Director of the TREAT (Treatment Response, Efficacy, Access, and Timing) Lab at Rush.

Dr. Held’s work has attracted more than $4 million in grant funding in less than a decade, and his team is working on a number of research projects and several randomized clinical trials. He is also exploring ways to help people who don’t respond to current treatments. Dr. Held’s approach is special, as he combines big data and machine learning with individual patient experiences and stories. One day he hopes to create a platform that will match patients with a specific treatment plan that science shows will be the fastest and most successful based on their individual needs.

Bio posted February 2022