Who We Are and What We Do

The Scottsdale Institute (SI) is a not-for-profit membership organization of prominent healthcare systems whose goal is to support our members as they move forward to achieve clinical integration and transform the way we work through information technology. SI facilitates knowledge sharing by providing intimate and informal forums that embrace SI’s three pillars of collaboration, education and networking.

SI members are 60 advanced, not-for-profit health systems and academic medical centers committed to sharing best practices. Senior executives such as CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CMIOs and CQOs cultivate relationships while their organizations collaborate on IT-enabled performance improvement. Unlike many large-scale national organizations, we keep SI activities at a scale that facilitates group interaction and collaboration.

Collaboration, Education and Networking

Teleconferences and Webinars

SI offers about 90 content-rich teleconferences and webinars yearly that are accessible to member and sponsor associates, including non-employed staff physicians. Delivered by industry thought leaders, top executives and IT innovators, SI teleconferences and webinars last year provided a convenient and cost-effective learning environment to 15,000 member associates. Teleconference and webinar presentations and audio/video files are only available to members.

Conferences and Summits

Our Annual Conference fosters face-to-face interaction among executive peers and other industry leaders. Summits are small work groups targeted to specific audiences or to address leading issues. Rated highly and backed by repeat attendance, SI conferences aim for informal educational experience and open dialogue for collaboration and networking. Conference presentations and audio files are available only to members while Conference SummariesSummit Reports and Roundtable Reports are available to everyone.


SI produces reports, industry thought leader interviews, and topical reporting and analysis relevant to our mission of supporting healthcare transformation through information technology. Our Summit Reports and Roundtable Reports reflect the output of small group working sessions and are available to everyone.  Our Industry Inside Edge consists of focused conversations with a handful of industry leaders and concluding analysis and the CEO Viewpoint profiles industry thought leaders. The most recent twelve months of the Inside Edge and the Viewpoint are available only to members.

IT Benchmarking

SI IT Benchmarking is a unique national program for member and non-member organizations to create normalized comparisons of IT costs, structure and operations with self-selected cohorts. The Database is designed for one-on-one comparisons — not industry-wide averages — and participation is easy and free of charge. IT Benchmarking is available to everyone.

Paul T. Browne
SVP and CIO, Henry Ford Health System
"What is unique about SI is they bring executives together to talk about what really works, what doesn’t, and why. That results in a very unique learning experience for our team."

Jay Anderson
President, Kishwaukee/Valley West Hospitals, Northwestern Medicine
"Nobody but Scottsdale Institute knows how to do small executive groups."

SI History

Did you know that SI was founded in 1993? Find out more about our history.

SI Faculty

Past and current teleconference and conference speakers.