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CNIOs are charged with integrating IT, patient care and engagement in ways not previously achieved. Often working collaboratively with CMIOs, CNIOs support nurses—the largest group of EHR end-users—in optimizing the EHR, reducing cognitive burden and enhancing clinical workflow. SI’s CNIO Affinity Group has grown to over 50 leaders who meet in person, virtually and via Dialogue calls and Summits to discuss clinical transformation, accountable care, community health, data analytics and more.

Clinical Informatics Organization Chart Library

SI offers a unique space where members can look at how like-minded, like-sized peer groups are organizing and thriving in their Clinical Informatics arenas. Contact us to learn how to obtain access and contribute to this library.

Dialogue Calls

These 1-hour, peer-led Zoom meetings are by invitation-only, with recaps distributed to attendees.

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    About Affinity Groups

    SI Affinity Groups are intimate forums focused on a common issue, topic or collective challenge of its members, with a goal of information sharing around similar concerns, best practices, lessons learned, industry trends and resources to help organizations thrive.

    CNIO Publications

    Becky Fox, MSN, RN-BC
    Chief Clinical Information Officer, Intermountain Healthcare
    "It’s hard not to be inspired, hearing so many stories and examples of strong leaders, forging the way. I’m confident that although 2020 may have been known as the Year of the Nurse, it soon will become the beginning of the DECADE of the Nurse—and clinical informaticists will continue to lead the way. Thank you, Scottsdale Institute, for continuing to bring together programs with dynamic leaders, to share, inspire and challenge each other."