IT Benchmarking Overview

What is the SI Health IT Benchmarking Program?

A high-level IT-cost comparison of your organization with others. The database is designed for one-on-one comparisons, not industry-wide averages. These comparisons provide critical reference points for IT investment and strategic planning decisions among senior executives and boards of trustees.

What makes the SI Health IT Benchmarking Program unique?

  • Participation is easy and free of charge, and SI membership is not required (a “give-back” to the healthcare community as part of our not-for-profit mission)
  • Database is designed for one-on-one comparisons – not industry-wide averages
  • Data is anonymous unless you choose to identify your organization with selected peers
  • You own your data – SI does not resell it

Normalization in a Nutshell | An In-depth Look at SI IT Benchmarking

SI Health IT Benchmarking uses an automated comparison process to account for the wide functional variation that occurs among even similar organizations, as illustrated in the chart at above.

A Board Report, suitable for use at the executive and board levels, provides a high-level graphic snapshot of several normalized IT metrics compared with an appropriate peer group.

What does the output of the automated tool look like?

  • The automated tool provides both raw and automatically normalized statistics and ratios concerning IT expenses. Sample Output
  • The database contains additional information to begin investigating significant variances in the areas of IT maturity, staffing, functions supported by IT and primary vendors.

IT Organizational Chart Library

To further help our participants in the area of staffing, we’ve created a provider-only organizational chart library. Access to the library is restricted to the provider organizations who contribute to it.

Can I learn more without committing to participate?  Yes. See any of the following:

Overview | Data collected | Participation process

How can I start?

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The SI Health IT Benchmarking Program was originated by Spectrum Health and contains data and related materials that are proprietary and confidential to the Scottsdale Institute, and may not be used without SI’s written permission.

Tim Thompson
Sr. VP & CIO, BayCare Health System
“It has been difficult for us to find good benchmarking data with significant relevance. Scottsdale Institute is the first source we have found that brings in a significant number of similar sized organizations and the flexibility to manage your comparative group. The normalization tools they have employed in the tool are very helpful. We have used this in helping the Executive team understand how we align with our peers. Thank you for providing this.”

Brent Snyder
CIO, Adventist Health System
“In comparing costs with other entities, most other databases don’t identify what’s being supported in the IT budget. SI’s design seems to provide a nice middle ground. It segments the organizations into relevant groups so you can see which organizations are at about the same level of clinical IT development as yours, or who are using the same vendors.”


"A Unique Approach to Business Analytics: The Scottsdale Institute Benchmarking Program" appears in the Journal of Health Information Management (JHIM), a HIMSS peer-reviewed journal. Impact Advisors assisted SI in conducting the study, which found that 100% of participants see significant value in the program.


Scottsdale Institute Creates an IT Benchmarking Program