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From Possibility to Reality

Newly created to support those professionals responsible for owning, implementing and enabling their CIOs’ and CISOs’ technological visions, the SI CTO/VP Apps Affinity Group will be critical to collaborating on key solutions while celebrating successes. Via Dialogue calls and virtual Summits, the SI CTO/VP Apps Affinity Group offers leaders a forum to innovate on topics such as optimizing service delivery, fine-tuning virtual tools post-COVID, strengthening telework strategies, managing vendors/3rd-party relationships, defining mobility uses/best practices and much more. For members wanting more regular contact and connection, SI has a CTO/VP Apps Affinity Group MS Teams Site to facilitate ongoing, ad hoc, open discussion and collaboration among the CTO/VP Apps  peer group.


Dialogues – Invitation-only

These 1-hour, peer-led Zoom meetings are by invitation-only, with recaps distributed to affinity group members via MS Teams. To guest-lead/host a Dialogue on a topic of interest, contact Cynthia Schroers. Some hosts share background materials to support discussion; just ask for samples.


Summits – Invitation-only


Upcoming Teleconferences and Webinars – Open to all Members


Previous Teleconference and Webinar Recordings – Available to all Members


Workforce Management Solutions at SCL Health 
Charles Phanumphai, Applications Manager, SCL Health.  SCL Health’s KAT (Kronos Access Tool) was developed between HRIS (HR Information Systems), Workforce Management Solutions (Kron...
Payer and Provider Data Interoperability via the Epic Payer Platform
Spencer Collins, AVP of Application Services, NorthShore University Health System (“NorthShore”).  As part of NorthShore’s continued effort to drive operational efficiencies, the...
Understanding the CMS Prior Authorization Rule – Reducing Provider and Patient Burden
Viet Nguyen, MD, Technical Director for the HL7® Da Vinci Project, Stratametrics; and Rajesh Godavarthi, AVP, Technology and Interoperability, MCG Health.  CMS recently issued a rule ...

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