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Read these excerpts from our latest issue of the Inside Edge or jump straight to the entire issueentire issue . Interoperability: a career-long challenge in healthcare is a two-fold problem: lack of requirements and standards for semantic interoperability and lack of a universal patient identifier. “We need those two things,” says Michael Shabot, MD, EVP and System...

Advanced Analytics

How do savvy health systems become successful data-driven organizations? Find out the answer to that...
Portraits of seven interviewees for August 2018 Inside Edge

Digital Health – Is there an app for reinventing the health system?

Find out the answer to that question and others in our latest Inside Edge, "Digital...

SI 2018 Annual Conference Summary

Health systems must take the lead in managing the financial risk of care delivery -...

Social & Community Health: The 80-percent solution

We all know the numbers by now: only about 20 percent of a person's health...

Chief Innovation, Transformation & Strategy Officers

Our traditional January “SI Outlook” has asked CEOs, CIOs and other members of the C-suite a simple question:...

Governance & Strategy: IT’s Role in the Growing Healthcare Enterprise

Get healthcare CIOs together - as we recently did at the SI CIO Summit in Chicago - and...

Population Health: Redesigning Care

"Population Health: Redesigning Care" is the second of SI’s two-part series on population health. Our first, "Population Health:...

Cybersecurity: Building Resiliency

It's no secret cybersecurity is at the top of the priority list for healthcare CIOs and other...

New Business Models: Operationalizing Strategy & IT Requirements – Part Three

This is Part Three of our Inside Edge three-part series on New Business Models, how SI...

New Business Models: Operationalizing Strategy & IT Requirements – Part Two

This is Part Two of our three-part series on New Business Models, how SI member organizations...

New Business Models: Operationalizing Strategy & IT Requirements – Part One

When our SI Advisors suggested we explore the topic of New Business Models, it seemed like...

SI 2017 Annual Conference Summary

SI members are blazing new trails in the uncertain environment of population health and accountable care....

Population Health: Defining Populations

How mature can population-health analytics be if we can’t get our polling data right for a national election? That’s...

CNIO Outlook 2017

We like to stay innovative in our ‘traditional’ January “Outlook” issue for SI’s Inside Edge report and...
Cover of 2016 Annual Conference summary

SI 2016 Annual Conference Summary

Scottsdale Institute’s 23rd Annual Conference pulsed with new energy this year. One of our largest...

SI 2015 Fall Forum Summary

Scottsdale Institute’s Annual Fall Forum, “Connected Care and Connected Communities,” held Oct. 29-30, 2015 at...

SI 2015 Spring Conference Summary

As the desert heat hit the century mark for the first time this spring, Scottsdale...

SI 2014 Fall Forum Summary

Scottsdale Institute’s Annual Fall Forum, “Innovations for Improving Health and Care,” held Oct. 23-24, 2014...

SI 2014 Spring Conference Summary

Scottsdale Institute’s third decade began auspiciously with our 21st Spring Conference at the Camelback Inn....

CFO Outlook 2014

CMIO Outlook 2013

SI 2013 Spring Conference Summary

“Moving from Volume to Value” In a fitting yet bittersweet tribute we celebrated Scottsdale Institute’s 20th Anniversary at...

SI 2013 Fall Forum Summary

Scottsdale Institute’s Annual Fall Forum, “Creating the Comprehensive Patient Experience,” held Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2013 at...

Patient Engagement

SI 2012 Fall Forum Summary

“Creating Value through Meaningful Use 2.0," hosted by Memorial Hermann Healthcare, Houston. Scottsdale Institute’s Annual Fall...

SI 2012 Spring Conference Summary

"Healthcare Leaders Embrace Reform 2012" Hosting a great annual conference is one way for a nearly 20-year-old...

CMO Outlook 2012

CIO Outlook 2011

SI 2011 Fall Forum Summary

“Becoming Accountable In Healthcare,” hosted by St. Vincent Health/Ascension Health, Indianapolis. Scottsdale Institute’s Annual Fall Forum,...

SI 2011 Spring Conference Summary

"Healthcare Leaders Embrace Reform 2011" Reflecting the unfolding nature of healthcare reform, Scottsdale Institute’s Spring 2011 Conference advanced...

ICD-10: Bring Lawyers

SI 2010 Fall Forum Summary

"Enabling Best Practice Care", hosted by Intermountain Healthcare. Scottsdale Institute’s Annual Fall Forum, held September 30–October...

SI 2010 Spring Conference Summary

Given the touch-and-go prospects for healthcare reform during the months planning Scottsdale Institute’s Spring 2010 Conference, our...

SI 2009 Fall Forum Summary

"Healthcare Reform and Achieving Meaningful Use: The Pivotal Role of Clinical Business Intelligence" Texas Health Resources hosted the...

SI 2009 Spring Conference Summary

There might be some irony in the fact that Scottsdale Institute’s 16th Annual Spring Conference, held April...

CEO Outlook 2009

SI 2008 Fall Forum Summary

"“Realizing the Promise of Healthcare IT” Hosted by Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Members create a call to action Scottsdale...

Implementation and Training

SI 2008 Spring Conference Summary

"IT Enabling Community Care" Scottsdale Institute’s 15th Annual Spring Conference, held April 16-18 at the Camelback Inn, lived...

Consumer-centered Care

SI 2007 Fall Forum Summary

"Consumer-centered Care, Part Two What Consumers Want: Gleanings from SI’s Fall Conference" In keeping with Chairman Stan Nelson’s vision, we maintain...


SI 2007 Spring Conference Summary

"Informatics and Technologies Transforming the Delivery of Care" Over 100 attendees representing more than 52 member organizations, sponsors and...

SI 2006 Fall Forum Summary

"The IT-Quality Link " New York City’s Central Park South in the heart of Manhattan provided an urbane backdrop for Scottsdale...

SI 2006 Spring Conference Summary

"Physician Leadership in Information Technology" Nearly 140 attendees representing more than 52 member organizations, sponsors and guests graced...

Top CEO Strategies for 2005

SI 2004 Fall Forum Summary

Stan Nelson, Chairman of the Scottsdale Institute, welcomed attendees and thanked John Glaser, CIO, and his Partners HealthCare team...

SI 2004 Spring Conference Summary

The eleventh annual Scottsdale Institute Spring Conference, “Meeting the Future: The Role of IT and Process Improvement,” was held...

Measuring the Impact of IT

SI 2003 Fall Forum Summary

The Third Annual Scottsdale Institute Fall Conference was held Oct. 16-17, 2003, at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson...

SI 2002 Spring Conference Summary

The ninth annual Scottsdale Institute Conference, “From Strategy to Reality—Leading the Cultural Transformation,” was held April 18-20, 2002, at the...

EMR: 10 Years Later

SI 2001 Spring Conference Summary

The Scottsdale Institute’s eighth annual Membership Conference was held at the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona,...


Items published less than one year ago available only to members. Login to view.

Mark Harrison, MD, President & CEO, Intermountain Healthcare

Marc Harrison, MDA
Dr. Marc Harrison - a third-generation physician whose son is now in medical school - took the top job at Intermountain Healthcare in October...

Tina Freese Decker, President & CEO, Spectrum Health

Tina Freese Decker
When Tina Freese Decker was growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, chatting about the weather was serious business. Her meteorologist father had cofounded a...

Terry Shaw, President & CEO, Adventist Health System

When Terry Shaw was 14, he was already cleaning grocery stores and warehouses and driving a forklift for a health-food distributor in the Dallas-Fort...

Wright Lassiter III, President & CEO, Henry Ford Health System

“I have one goal,” says Wright L. Lassiter, III: “Reduce the gap between today and what’s possible.” It’s a lifelong mantra he’s using more than...

Johnese Spisso, President, UCLA Health

Johnese Spisso is president of UCLA Health, CEO of UCLA Hospital System and associate vice chancellor of UCLA Health Sciences. In this role, she...

Patricia Maryland, DrPH, President & CEO, Ascension Healthcare

It’s a cliché to say someone followed a long journey to where they are today, but that’s literally the case with Patricia “Pat” Maryland, soon-to-be...

Dennis Murphy, President & CEO, IU Health

When Dennis Murphy took his mother to the movie "Brooklyn" she said it was like watching her life on screen. Like the movie's protagonists,...

Penny Wheeler, MD, President & CEO, Allina

Sometimes, regardless of training and experience, a rare person appears with "chief executive" written in her heart. Penny Wheeler, MD, fits the description. She...

John Porter, President & CEO Avera

As healthcare undergoes a transformation to a value-based, accountable care model, John Porter may be blessed with just the right background to lead a major...

Laura Forese, MD, MPH, EVP & CEO NewYork-Presbyterian

You could say Laura Forese, MD, has been preparing for a leadership role at NewYork-Presbyterian all her life. She grew up just outside New York...

Robert J. Henkel, President & CEO, Ascension Health; EVP, Ascension

Robert J. Henkel, FACHE, is the President and CEO of Ascension Health. He also serves as an Executive Vice President of Ascension Health’s parent organization,...

Barclay Berdan, CEO, Texas Health Resources

Talk about baptism of fire. Within a month of Barclay Berdan becoming CEO of Texas Health Resources in September 2014, the Arlington-based health system...

Michael Shabot, MD, EVP/CCO, Memorial Hermann Health System

Michael Shabot, MD of Memorial Hermann
I t’s hard to believe Michael Shabot, MD, had no early interest in medicine. But maybe it just had to get in line. “I...

Christine Cassel, MD, President & CEO, National Quality Forum (NQF)

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Christine Cassel, MD, pioneered the program called Choosing Wisely. Earning an undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of...

Arthur L. Kellermann, MD, MPH, Dean F. Edward Hébert, School of...

Arthur L. Kellermann, MD, MPH, became Dean of the F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences,...

David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, President, The Commonwealth Fund

David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, is president of The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that aims to promote a high-performing healthcare system. Dr. Blumenthal is...

Karen DeSalvo, MD, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, US Department...

Dr. Karen DeSalvo is a physician whose 20-year career has focused on improving access to affordable, high quality care for all people, especially vulnerable...

Laura Kaiser, Executive Vice President & COO, Intermountain Healthcare

All of us have been shaped with visible and invisible hands,” says Laura Kaiser, who as executive vice president and COO of Intermountain Healthcare,...

Brian Connolly, President & CEO, Oakwood HealthCare

When Brian Connolly was only 34 he became the first layperson on the board of the Daughters of Charity. It was 1985 and he’d...

Tom Sadvary, President & CEO, Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network

Tom Sadvary of Scottsdale Institute
His wife of 37 years, Mary, doesn’t remember it, but Tom Sadvary first met her in an ambulance in Pittsburgh, he a paramedic, she...

Marc Boom, MD, President & CEO, Houston Methodist

The classic American Dream, globally diversified today, involves European immigrants crossing the Atlantic on a freighter, working hard and sacrificing in America so their...

Paul Tang, MD, VP and Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Palo...

Paul Tang, MD
I f an individual could be an epicenter, Paul Tang, MD, would be that person for healthcare in the United States. His day job...

Christine Cassel, MD, President & CEO, National Quality Forum

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Christine Cassel, MD, pioneered the program called Choosing Wisely. Earning an undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of...

Ernie Sadau, President & CEO, CHRISTUS Health

When Ernie Sadau was a teenager lying in a Fort Worth hospital bed he wrote a note on the dietary-tray response card that he’d...

Don Wegmiller, Chairman, Scottsdale Institute

It’s not surprising Don Wegmiller was elected to the Healthcare Hall of Fame this year. The honor crowns an already brilliant career that enters...

Tom Zenty, President & CEO, University Hospitals Health System

Pennsylvania seems to produce top healthcare executives like it does quarterbacks and Tom Zenty is no exception to that tradition. Zenty, 57, is president...

Nov 2012
Gary Campbell
President & CEO
Centura Health

Oct 2012
Dan Wolterman
President & CEO
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

Sep 2012
Craig Samitt, MD
President & CEO
Dean Clinic

Jul 2012
Brian Connolly
President & CEO
Oakwood HealthCare

Jun 2012
Nancy Schlichting
Henry Ford Health System

Apr 2012
Alan Goldbloom, MD
President & CEO
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Mar 2012
Tom Sadvary
President & CEO
Scottsdale Healthcare

Feb 2012
Tim Stack
President & CEO
Piedmont Healthcare

Jan 2012
Doug Hawthorne
Texas Health Resources

Oct 2011
Vincent Caponi
St. Vincent Health

Aug 2011
Rick Breon
President & CEO
Spectrum Health

Jul 2011
Tom Priselac
President & CEO
Cedars-Sinai Health System

Jun 2011
Farzad Mostashari, MD
National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Apr 2011
Peter Fine
President & CEO
Banner Health

Mar 2011
Nicholas Wolter, MD
Billings Clinic

Feb 2011
Jim Skogsbergh, MD
President & CEO
Advocate Health Care

Nov 2010
Mark Laney, MD
President & CEO
Heartland Health

Oct 2010
Dan Wolterman
President & CEO
Memorial Hermann
Healthcare System

Sep 2010
Gary Gottlieb, MD, MBA
President & CEO
Partners Healthcare

Jul 2010
Charles Sorenson, MD
President & CEO
Intermountain Healthcare

Jun 2010
Bruce Lawrence
President & CEO

May 2010
Joe Swedish
President & CEO
Trinity Health

Mar 2010
John Bluford
President & CEO
Truman Medical Centers

Feb 2010
David Bernd
Sentara Health Care

Nov 2009
Hal Williamson, Jr., MD, MSPH
Vice Chancellor
Health Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia

Sep 2009
Al Aviles
President & CEO
New York City Health & Hospitals Corp.

Aug 2009
David Feinberg, MD, MBA
UCLA Hospital System

Jul 2009
Don Jernigan
President & CEO
Adventist Health System
Jul 2009

Jun 2009
Kevin Lofton
President & CEO
Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI)

May 2009
David Benfer, FACHE
Saint Raphael Healthcare System

Mar 2009
Jim Anderson
President & CEO
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Feb 2009
Lowell C. Kruse
President & CEO
Heartland Health

Dec 2008
James J. Mongan, MD
President & CEO
Partners HealthCare

Nov 2008
Michael W. Murphy
President & CEO
Sharp HealthCare

Oct 2008
Thomas Royer, MD
President & CEO