SI Affinity Groups convene the right people to address the right issues.

Current SI Affinity Groups

Chief Information Officers

CIOs have been at the heart of Scottsdale Institute since its creation. Today the CIO role is evolving yet again to reflect the drive for innovation and transformation in healthcare. SI’s CIO Affinity Group provides a forum for CIOs to share ideas and strategies on their quickly emerging role as strategic thinkers, collaborators and leaders of positive change across the enterprise.
Single-page Overview – PDF | May 2020: The New Normal and the Healthcare IT Organization

Chief Information Security Officers

CISOs have quickly taken seats at the senior-leadership table with the rise of cybersecurity threats like malware and ransomware. As digital health continues to transform healthcare, such threats will only become more challenging to patient privacy and confidentiality. SI’s CISO Affinity Group provides a forum for CISOs—sometimes including CIOs/CTOs—to address escalating cybersecurity threats and the latest strategies to thwart them.
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Newly created to support those professionals responsible for owning, implementing and enabling their CIOs’ and CISOs’ technological visions, the SI CTO/VP Apps Affinity Group will be critical to collaborating on key solutions while celebrating successes. Via Dialogue calls and virtual Summits, the SI CTO/VP Apps Affinity Group offers leaders a forum to innovate on topics such as optimizing service delivery, fine-tuning virtual tools post- COVID, strengthening telework strategies, managing vendors/3rd- party relationships, defining mobility uses/best practices and much more.
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Chief Medical Information Officers

CMIOs pioneered the EHR era and are now positioned to lead the digital-health revolution. As they assume executive leadership roles on a much wider scope, they face a complex yet exciting array of challenges. The SI CMIO Affinity Group affords CMIOs the opportunity to take the measure of these new opportunities with their peers and assume the helm in a new system of care and wellness.
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Chief Nursing Information Officers

CNIOs have emerged as indispensable leaders in clinical transformation, accountable care and population health. Ranging from EHR optimization and data analytics to tackling the social determinants of health, CNIOs are charged with integrating IT, patient care and patient engagement in ways not previously achieved. The SI CNIO Affinity Group provides CNIOs with a forum to share best practices and lessons learned in becoming multidimensional agents of change.
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Data analytics will drive the health-delivery system of the future from identification of at-risk populations and clinical decision support for personalized medicine to Amazon-like patient engagement and new business models.
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Employee Health

The Employee Health (EH) Affinity Group welcomes the many executives who are accountable for improving healthcare for everyone. EH encompasses the broad range of strategies, activities and expertise required under value-based care (including new care and business models driven by risk-based contracting).
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Chief Innovation Officers and transformation executives stoke the fires of disruptive thinking and lead adoption of creative technology-enabled, usable solutions to build the healthcare enterprise of the future. Their exciting work covers a wide spectrum, from redesigning care delivery and business operations to fostering deep culture change throughout the organization. The SI Innovation Affinity group offers Innovation and Transformation executives a platform to collaborate around new ideas, best practices and lessons learned on the path to the future.
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Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Everyone agrees 80 percent of a person’s health and well-being is the result of non-medical factors like environment, family support, income, food security, housing, transportation and lifestyle. Chief Community Health Officers understand that these social determinants of health (SDoH) hold the key to addressing population health, chronic disease and healthcare’s unsustainable cost curve through value-based, quality care. And they cannot tackle these issues alone: they must collaborate through innovative partnerships with local communities, social service agencies, neighborhood groups and public health. The SDoH Affinity Group offers Chief Community Health Officers and equivalent executive roles the opportunity to share best collaborative practices, partnership building and data strategies to integrate patient-centered care and wellness within a community-based healthcare system.
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The COVID-19 crisis has pushed Telehealth to the forefront of healthcare with the need to physically distance ourselves from one another, shelter in place and reduce the burden on acute care and ambulatory facilities. Telehealth executives have become major change agents in healthcare’s transformation to a virtual-care platform. This sudden need for rapid change requires executives with a complex understanding of IT, digital health, remote monitoring, patient and consumer engagement and how people access care across diverse landscapes. The SI Telehealth Affinity Group offers leaders a forum to collaborate and share innovative Telehealth solutions that enhance the practice of medicine and ensure access to care for everybody.
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About Affinity Groups

SI Affinity Groups are intimate forums focused on a shared issue, topic or the collective challenges of its members.  Depending on member needs, Affinity Groups can be title-specific—CIOs, CISOs, CMIOs, CNIOs and others—or a synergistic mix of executive titles focused on single issues like Cybersecurity, Population Health, Clinical Decision Support, Analytics, Innovation/Transformation, Digital Health and others. Whatever the makeup, the goal is to share similar concerns and challenges, best practices, lessons learned, industry trends and resources to help their organizations thrive.

Thien Lam, VP and CISO, BayCare Health System
Thien Lam
VP and CISO for BayCare Health System
"The Scottsdale Institute CISO members are awesome.  They are very responsive and helpful, which is one of many qualities that I like about the SI CISO group.  Thank you for helping us creating a culture where we can share knowledge."
SVP and CIO, University of Chicago Medicine
Heather Nelson
SVP & CIO, University of Chicago Medicine
"I have found Scottsdale Institute to be a great source for peer networking, information sharing, and healthcare industry thought-leadership.  I have been a member for a few years now."

Affinity Groups currently convene through Dialogues, Summits, Roundtables, and Site Visits.

Our entire membership acts as an Affinity Group when it comes to Ad Hoc Queries

Posed by an individual or SI Member organization, ad hoc queries can initiate invaluable email discussions around hot-topic questions, offering an asynchronous tool for finding answers to even the most clinical or technical questions.

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