Convening the Right People to Address the Right Issues

About Affinity Groups

SI Affinity Groups convene executives of like titles and responsibilities to share best practices and lessons learned in addressing the issues of the day. Currently, Affinity Groups convene via Dialogues, Summits, Roundtables, and Site Visits.

Chief Information Officers

At the heart of SI since its creation, CIOs drive innovation and transformation in healthcare. In their quickly emerging roles as strategic thinkers, collaborators and leaders of positive change, the CIO group facilitates conversation, ideas and strategies toward strengthening healthcare.

Chief Information Security Officers

CISOs share best practices in risk management and thwarting the escalating use of ransomware and other cyber threats.

Chief Medical Informatics Officers

As digital-health leaders, CMIOs continue to address clinician burnout by reducing documentation, eliminating alert fatigue and making the EHR more user-friendly.

Chief Nursing Informatics Officers

Often working collaboratively with CMIOs, CNIOs support nurses—the largest group of EHR end-users—in optimizing the EHR, reducing cognitive burden and enhancing clinical workflow.

Chief Technology Officers/VP Apps

These professionals share ownership of the health system’s emerging digital platform and ecosystem of apps that support the digitally-enabled, consumer-centered and equitable health system of the future.


This group leads the transformation to a data-driven health system, including effective governance, data integrity, interoperability, equity and data literacy alongside artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation.

Employee Health

Tackling the health and wellbeing of the healthcare workforce (especially key post-pandemic), these Members discuss the creation of strategic frameworks and concrete, tactical initiatives to holistically address recruitment and retention; the Great Resignation, staff shortages and burnout; and the increasing competition for talent.


Chief Innovation/Transformation Officers share best practices in adopting a culture of innovation and in operationalizing innovation in the enterprise as it moves to a digitally-enabled, consumer-centered model.

Social Determinants of Health

Chief Community Health Officers and other executives accountable for SDoH activities collaborate on a data-driven approach to improving the health and wellbeing of the individual, community and populations they serve.


In the wake of widespread, COVID-driven adoption of telehealth and virtual care, this group shares best practices and policy considerations in what has become a key element in an emerging new care model.

IT Business Operations

These professionals support C-Suite execs and handle challenges around budgets, FTEs, contracts and vendor relations. And as IT Business Operations is being tasked to do more with less, these SI Member professionals are turning to each other for input, insights and lessons learned to focus on supporting IT-enabled health and care.

Analytics & CIO

As a strategic executive involved in technology across the enterprise, the CIO oversees the transformation to a data-driven health system in close collaboration with data and analytics professionals.

Clinical Informatics

SI’s CMIO and CNIO Affinity Groups voluntarily formed a joint Clinical Informatics Affinity Group to better align their efforts in a strategically integrated way.

Digital, Innovation & Telehealth

A combined Digital, Innovation and Telehealth Affinity Group was formed to address the need for an integrated platform and coordinated care model for consumer-centered health.

SDoH & Employee Health

The combined SDoH and Employee Health Affinity Group tackles the shared issues of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and the social determinants of health to improve community, population and public health.

Gabrielle A. Pina, DO, FAAP
Pediatric Hospitalist, Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, and Director of DIME
"My visit with you all at the Scottsdale Institute was one of those pivotal moments in both DIME (Diversify, Include, Mentor, Educate) and my professional career.” -SI Clinical Informatics Summit guest speaker

Ad Hoc Queries

Our entire membership acts as an Affinity Group when it comes to Ad Hoc Queries! As posed by an individual or SI Member organization, such queries can initiate invaluable email discussions around hot-topic questions, offering an asynchronous tool for finding answers to even the most clinical or technical questions. Share your ideas below!

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