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A Self-Assessment Tool for Achieving the Autonomous Pharmacy at Baptist Health

February 25, 2021, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

Nilesh Desai, MBA, BS, RPh, CPPS, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Baptist Health, and Ken Perez, VP, Healthcare Policy and Government Affairs, Omnicell. Overreliance on manual processes and siloed technology in pharmacy operations are among the biggest challenges facing health systems today. Furthermore, there are no standardized benchmarks available to guide pharmacy leaders in their quest to achieve improvements in areas such as safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance, financial performance, and human resource management. To fill this gap, the Autonomous Pharmacy Advisory Board. a collective of non-profit organizations, has launched a free, comprehensive self-assessment tool. This interactive tool will help health system pharmacy leaders identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement across five dimensions. The self-assessment tool will help them develop a path forward that ultimately arrives at a fully automated, interoperable, and effective medication management system. Anonymized data collected will be used to create industry benchmarks. Nilesh and Ken will share the progress of this initiative at Baptist and across the industry.

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