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Navigating Interoperability in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

November 12, 2020, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

Ken Gendrich, Manager of Interoperability, Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare; Michael Seda, Senior Director Regional Operations, Tiger Institute, University of Missouri Health Care; and Hans Buitendijk, Director of Interoperability Strategy, Cerner.

Hans Buitendijk
Michael Seda
Ken Gendrich

In today’s evolving interoperability landscape, organizations are looking to prioritize efforts. New sources of data and regulatory demands continue to emerge and having a strong strategy is key to navigating these challenges. In this teleconference, we examine how TEFCA, FHIR and APIs impact increased network capabilities across providers. We discuss the variety of emerging data sources and what your organization can be doing to take advantage of these sources whether in normal conditions or preparing for emergency conditions. Ken, Michael and Hans share their approaches to developing and executing interoperability strategies, and discuss the challenges and opportunities of this next phase of healthcare interoperability.

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