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WEBINAR | Building an Operating System for Digital Care: The Making of DexCare

April 22, 2021, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

Sara Vaezy MHA, MPHMarcee ChmaitMarcee Chmait, Head of Partnerships – Digital Strategy & Innovation Group; Sara Vaezy, MHA, MPH, Chief Digital Strategy & Business Development Officer, Providence; and Derek Streat, CEO, DexCare.  Despite investing billions of dollars in digital 70% of health systems have combined disparate point solutions that are disconnected and sub-optimized for consumers, providers and service lines. Pre-pandemic, Providence saw the need to build a digital relationship directly with consumers—across all care settings—and built DexCare. During the pandemic, this platform helped them manage and scale extreme shifts in venues of care. Providence has recently spun DexCare out into a separate company to enable other health systems to orchestrate digital demand and health systems capacity across all lines of care. Marcee, Sara and Derek discuss the origins of DexCare, the value of the platform in these unprecedented times and the reasoning behind the spinout.

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