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SI 2021 Fall Symposium Summary

How health systems "escape the gravity" of the status quo using mass personalization, integrated data platforms, an ecosystem of partners and a transformed workforce.

SI Roundtable: Reimagining the Consumer Experience

How are healthcare systems disrupting themselves from the inside out?

Economic Recovery in a Peri-COVID World

Health systems are coming back from severe financial peril during COVID but have learned hard lessons about their dependence on fee-for-service.

Collaboration & Partnerships

Collaboration and partnership are key to success because nobody can do this alone and everybody’s at the table.

Redesigning Digital Care: Frictionless, Consumer-centric Experience

INTRODUCTION | COVID-19 has transformed the way we live and work, provide and receive healthcare....

Real-time, Data-driven Decision-making

A key to health systems’ quick pivot in response to the COVID pandemic was their almost-overnight ability to develop data-driven executive dashboards for real-time decision-making.

Converging IT & Operations: With COVID-19 the future has arrived

COVID-19 has catalyzed healthcare’s transformation, including accelerating the convergence of IT into operations. Find out...
January 2020 Inside Edge

The Race for Scale: Innovative partnerships achieve scale without adding bricks & mortar

Can U.S. health systems build scale without acquiring more hospitals? Find the answer in our...
Photos of people in Oct 2019 Inside Edge

Healthcare Workforce of the Future

How can we reimagine the healthcare workforce?  Find the answer in our latest Industry Inside...
Moore, Lewis, Yablonka, Shipley, and Probst portraits

IT Platform of the Future – Which Comes First, Technology or Culture?

In the IT platform of the future, which comes first, technology or culture? Find...
2019 Annual Conference Summary cover

SI 2019 Annual Conference Summary

The future was on the minds of CEOs and other health-system leaders from Scottsdale Institute...
IIE thumbnail - five portraits

Emerging New Models of Care: Growing the Ecosystem

Health systems have put the "pop" into population health as digital, consumerism and value-based payment...

Interoperability: It All Comes Down to Semantics

Read these excerpts from our latest issue of the Inside Edge or jump straight to...

Advanced Analytics

How do savvy health systems become successful data-driven organizations? Find out the answer to that...
Portraits of seven interviewees for August 2018 Inside Edge

Digital Health – Is there an app for reinventing the health system?

Find out the answer to that question and others in our latest Inside Edge, "Digital...

SI 2018 Annual Conference Summary

Health systems must take the lead in managing the financial risk of care delivery -...

Social & Community Health: The 80-percent solution

We all know the numbers by now: only about 20 percent of a person's health...

Governance & Strategy: IT’s Role in the Growing Healthcare Enterprise

Get healthcare CIOs together - as we recently did at the SI CIO Summit in Chicago - and...

Population Health: Redesigning Care

"Population Health: Redesigning Care" is the second of SI’s two-part series on population health. Our first, "Population Health:...

Cybersecurity: Building Resiliency

It's no secret cybersecurity is at the top of the priority list for healthcare CIOs and other...

New Business Models: Operationalizing Strategy & IT Requirements – Part Three

This is Part Three of our Inside Edge three-part series on New Business Models, how SI...

New Business Models: Operationalizing Strategy & IT Requirements – Part Two

This is Part Two of our three-part series on New Business Models, how SI member organizations...

New Business Models: Operationalizing Strategy & IT Requirements – Part One

When our SI Advisors suggested we explore the topic of New Business Models, it seemed like...

SI 2017 Annual Conference Summary

SI members are blazing new trails in the uncertain environment of population health and accountable care....

Population Health: Defining Populations

How mature can population-health analytics be if we can’t get our polling data right for a national election? That’s...
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2022 CIO Outlook: Outside In

CIOs have not only emerged as the leaders in strategic use of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are also being recruited from outside healthcare. Find out how these IT leaders are using their experience in COVID and industry to reshape healthcare in SI’s 2022 CIO Outlook: Outside In, featuring interviews with Carrie Damon, SVP & CIO at Centura Health, and Tim Skeen, SVP & CIO at Sentara Healthcare.

2022 CIO Outlook: Outside In

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