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WEBINAR | Harnessing the Power of Data: Truveta at Trinity Health

June 2, 2021, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CDT

Marcus Shipley of Trinity HealthMarcus Shipley, MBA, SVP, Innovation and CIO, Trinity Health.  Health systems have amassed an amazing amount of data, yet no one system has enough data in size or diversity to generate the level of insights required to materially improve health outcomes.  That is why earlier this year, Trinity Health joined 14 other health systems in launching Truveta, an innovative healthcare data alliance.  These health systems recognized the need for a data platform that will improve diagnosis and research, identify inequities in care, and support clinical trials at a scale that will inform the entire industry.  With an unwavering commitment to patient privacy, cybersecurity and ethical innovation, our collective de-identified clinical data will be used to create Truveta’s data platform, and deliver valuable insights to not only improve care, but to save lives.  Truveta will deliver tools to researchers, biopharma and other customers who see value in using data to advance health and patient care.  Join Marcus to hear about the tremendous potential in using data to improve healthcare in our country, so it is better, stronger, and more responsive to the needs of everyone.

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