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WEBINAR | Next Generation EHR Investment and Value Realization

October 19, 2021, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CDT

Preston Raulerson, VP, and Kevin Cahalane, MBA, Director, Optum Advisory Services. The role of the EHR has shifted from digitized medical records to a mission critical tool in care delivery, impacting clinical quality, patient outcomes, and revenue cycle performance. EHRs are also becoming a platform for digital health innovation. While many health systems and medical groups acknowledge the broad benefits of an integrated platform, most are confronted by considerable hurdles to financing, implementing, and operating their EHR while continuously evolving with best practices and advancing technology. As executives evaluate EHR options and scrutinize ROI, many leaders wrestle with strategies around managing affordability and achieving value (e.g., Community Connect, SaaS, joint venture/M&A, etc.). All these models present their own limitations — some constrain the value of an EHR investment or are misaligned with organizational strategy. There’s a new model gaining traction in the market that addresses the long-standing barriers to realizing the promise of a transformational EHR investment. Preston and Kevin share insights from a recent study on trends in the EHR space and their strategic impact on provider organizations; C-suite feedback on the challenges surround EHR investment decisions; and novel models influencing long-term EHR investment decisions.

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