Accelerate AI-infused customer experiences with EXL and Amelia

Delivering effective, empathic customer interactions has never been more important. Achieving this at scale and speed is the gold standard for large enterprises—and AI...

Utilization Management Contact Center

Digital solutions transform utilization management contact center operations

Driving Telehealth in the New Normal Using Data & Analytics

How Telehealth is changing the way healthcare is delivered, and the role analytics play

Now is the Time: Embracing Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

By applying intelligent automation, companies can increase efficiencies and tap into capabilities that stretch beyond what was previously humanly possible

Digital Patient Engagement

How an Omni-Channel Approach to Patient Engagement is Transforming Care Management

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Wright Lassiter is 2022 AHA Board Chair

Wright L. Lassiter III, president and CEO of SI Member Henry Ford Health System and an SI Board Member, is this year’s Chairman of...

Baptist Health South Florida

Coral Gables, FL

SI 2021 CMIO/CNIO Summit Report

Sponsored by Hearst Health. Read how 21 professionals and guests from 16 prominent US healthcare organizations shared about their goals for more intuitive, efficient healthcare delivery in this new digital age in “Clinical Informatics: A Meeting of the Minds.”