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Move Faster in Your Digital Journey: Best Practices for Avoiding Common Missteps in Linking Digital to Strategy

June 10, 2020, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CDT

Michelle Conger, Chief Strategy Officer, OSF HealthCare, and Jeanette Flom, SVP Client Engagement – Central, AVIA.  Building a point of view for what digital health success should look like is easy.

Michelle Conger
Jeanette Flom

Where many health systems stumble is in the next several steps – connecting a digital point-of-view to the organization’s overall strategies and then working to embed digital throughout their organization. In today’s reality of COVID-19, Michelle and Jeannette address how health systems are navigating digital strategy and implementation as they recover from the initial wave of this pandemic. They also provide real-world examples of where the most common failure points occur; e.g., how do we build a scalable business case; how do we mitigate risk, and how to accelerate pace toward addressing critical challenges.  This teleconference will be insightful for all leaders, particularly CIOs, CDOs, and strategy executives.

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